Future-Ready Education in the AI Era: Exploring Strategies & Forging Partnerships

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AI technologies are poised to radically transform society, already impacting how we learn, work, and interact. Educators, institutions, and partnering organizations are challenged to both map and navigate an evolving landscape. Generative AI has provided the most notable example of the new reality, highlighting the promise and the peril of AI for education. All learners, regardless of their background or area of study, need to develop AI literacy and skills. For this reason, Dawson College has taken a comprehensive approach to AI education. This presentation will share experiences, strategies, and lessons learned by the DawsonAI initiative.
To illustrate a range of approaches that can be taken to implement AI into education, the presentation will feature classroom activities, projects, and events undertaken by Dawson College students. In particular, the role of experiential learning will be highlighted, drawing on examples from collaborations with research and nonprofit partners. This will provide a framework for exploring the notion of future-ready education in the AI era and the importance of forging partnerships.
An open discussion on topics of interest to the IEEE Education Society will be an important component of the presentation. The general goals are to initiate dialogue, share valuable insights, and explore possibilities for future collaborations.

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  • Date: 15 Apr 2024
  • Time: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
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Joel of Dawson College



Since 2004 Joel Trudeau has taught in the Physics Department at Dawson College. He is project co-lead of the DawsonAI Artificial Intelligence initiative and founder of SPACE, an interdisciplinary student enrichment para-academic project. His work in education lies in the intersection of sciences, arts and technology, fostering an integrative approach to teaching and learning. Joel has led and collaborated on numerous research projects, primarily focusing on design-based, active, and experiential learning. With his collaborators he is committed to helping students develop vital skills to thrive in the AI era.



Robert Stephens teaches Philosophy and Humanities at Dawson College, is the current Coordinator of the ALC Arts & Culture Profile and co-lead of the DawsonAI Artifical Intelligence initiative. He has a PhD in Philosophy from McGill University, where is dissertation was focused on defending a computationalist theory of human cognitive architecture, in which problems faced in the development of AI are used to help illuminate how the human mind is organized, and how human cognitive limits may in turn be usefully studied to inspire new designs for artificial minds.