EV & Carbon Free India

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Power and Energy Society (PES) Day is an annual event that brings together professionals, academics, and students in the power and energy sector.

  • Date: 23rd April 2024
  • Venue: Jaywant Auditorium, JSPM’s RSCOE
  • Time: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

The Power & Energy Society Day 2024, meticulously organized by the Power and Energy Society Student Branch Chapter of IEEE RSCOE Student Branch in collaboration with the esteemed Department of Electrical Engineering, RSCOE, served as a pivotal gathering for professionals, academics, and students deeply entrenched in the dynamic realm of power and energy. Themed "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation," the event was meticulously crafted to provide a platform for robust discussions, insightful presentations, and invaluable networking opportunities, aimed at dissecting the latest trends, confronting challenges, and exploring innovative solutions within the ever-evolving landscape of the power and energy sector.

  Date and Time




  • Date: 23 Apr 2024
  • Time: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
  • All times are (UTC+05:30) Chennai
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  • Jaywant Auditorium
  • Pune, Maharashtra
  • India 411033
  • Building: JSPMs Rajarshi SHahu Colege of Engineering

  • Contact Event Host
  • Organization Mail ID: ieee_pes@jspmrscoe.edu.in

    Student Branch Mail ID: ieeerscoe@jspmrscoe.edu.in


Mr. Nandhkihor Sarolkar


EV and Carbon Free India

The event witnessed the gracious presence of Mr. Nandkishor Sarolkar, a luminary in the field, whose illustrious career spanning over four decades has been adorned with profound expertise in mechanical engineering, production management, and marketing. Mr. Sarolkar, a beacon of knowledge and innovation, delved deep into the intricacies of renewable energy projects and electric vehicles, offering attendees a panoramic view of the industry's advancements, challenges, and untapped opportunities. His captivating presentation not only informed but also ignited spirited discussions, underscoring the critical importance of such platforms in driving forward the discourse on sustainable energy solutions.


Mr. Nandkishor Sarolkar, with over 43 years of experience, is a seasoned professional in mechanical engineering,


production management, and marketing. His expertise encompasses technology transfer, strategic alliances, and

consultant services in renewable energy projects and electric vehicles. Having served in senior management roles

 and as a nominated member of technical committees, Mr. Sarolkar's insights are highly regarded in the industry.

Address:Pune, India


The Power and Energy Society Day 2024 epitomized the convergence of minds, ideas, and aspirations, symbolizing the industry's resilience and commitment to shaping a sustainable future. As participants reflect on the illuminating discussions and connections forged, the event's legacy serves as a beacon of inspiration, propelling collective efforts towards realizing a greener, more efficient tomorrow.

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