AESS BLR Chapter DL by Dr. Eli Brookner


Dr. Eli Brookner is delivering an AESS - Distinguished Lecture on "Radar Phased Arrays, Meta Metarials, Anti-Stealth and MIMO - Advances and Breakthroughs" at ECE Golden Jubilee Seminar Hall on 11th Dec 2017. 

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  • ECE Golden Jubilee Seminar Hall
  • IISc, C. V. Raman Road
  • Bangalore, Karnataka
  • India 560012
  • Building: ECE Building
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  • Venkatesh M S -


Dr. Eli Brookner of IEEE AESS


Radar Phased Arrays, Meta Metarials, Anti-Stealth and MIMO - Advances and Breakthroughs


MEE & DrSc Columbia Un ’55 &’62; BEE CCNY, ’53. Raytheon 1962-2014 (retired) ; Principal Engineering Fellow; worked on radars for air traffic control, military defense, space & navigation: on ASDE-X, ASTOR RADARSAT II, AGBR, major Space Based Radar programs, NAVSPASUR, COBRA DANE, PAVE PAWS, MSR, COBRA JUDY Replacement, THAAD, SIVAM, SPY-3, Patriot, BMEWS, UEWR, SRP, Pathfinder, Upgrade for >70 ARSRs, AMDR, Space Fence, 3DELRR. Before Raytheon: Columbia Un Electronics Research Lab. [now RRI], Nicolet, & Rome AF Lab; Awards: IEEE 2006 Dennis J. Picard Medal for Radar Technology & Application; IEEE ’03 Warren White Award; Journal of Franklin Institute Premium Award best paper, 1966; IEEE Wheeler Prize for Best Applications Paper, 1998. Fellow: IEEE, AIAA, & MSS. 4 books: Tracking, Phased Arrays & Radar. >10,000 attended courses in 25 countries. Banquet & keynote speaker 13 times. > 230 publications. > 100 invited. 6 papers in Books of Reprints. 9 patent.


Address:282 Marrett Rd., , Lexington, Massachusetts, United States, 02421


1. High Tea and Networking 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

2. Welcome by Sri. G. Viswanathan, Chairman, IEEE AESS BLR Chapter 4:00PM - 4:10 PM

3. Introduction of the speaker 4:10PM - 4:25PM

4. Distinguished Lecture  4:25PM - 5:25PM

5. Q & A 5:25 PM - 5:50PM

6. Vote of Thanks 5:50 PM - 6:00PM