Noise-Shaping SAR ADCs: From Discrete Time to Continuous Time

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Noise-Shaping SAR ADCs: From Discrete Time to Continuous Time

Noise-Shaping (NS) SAR ADCs become popular recently thanks to their low-power and high-resolution features. This presentation first summarizes and benchmarks different discrete-time (DT) NS-SAR implementations in literature. An open-loop duty-cycled residue amplifier is selected as a power-efficient solution to realize high residue gain. Then, a digital-predicted mismatch error shaping technique is introduced to improve the DAC linearity. The proposed DT NS-SAR ADC achieves 80 dB SNDR, 98 dB SFDR in a 31.25 kHz bandwidth while consuming 7.3 μW. Next, the NS-SAR architecture is extended from DT operation to continuous-time (CT) operation. The ADC sampling switch is removed and the loop filter is duty cycled to realize the CT NS-SAR operation. Compared to DT designs, the CT NS-SAR ADC is easy to drive and has inherent anti-aliasing function. As a proof of concept, the proposed CT NS-SAR ADC achieves 77 dB SNDR, 86 dB SFDR a 62.5 kHz bandwidth with a power consumption of 13.5 μW.

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Prof. Pieter Harpe Prof. Pieter Harpe of Eindhoven University of Technology


Prof. Pieter Harpe received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. He spent several years as researcher at imec, The Netherlands, and joined Eindhoven University of Technology in 2011, where he is currently an Associate Professor on low-power mixed-signal circuits. Dr. Harpe is analog subcommittee chair for the ESSCIRC conference, TPC member for A-SSCC, and SSCS CONFedu program chair. He served as ISSCC ITPC member, SSCS Distinguished Lecturer, JSSC guest editor, and co-organizer for the AACD workshop. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and recipient of the ISSCC 2015 Distinguished Technical Paper Award.


Address:Plasma Matters B.V., De Groene Loper 19 Flux 3.083, , Eindhoven, Netherlands, 5612 AZ


This talk will be held virtually. The talk will start with speaker introduction followd by a technical session. Afterwards, a QA session.